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  InterCorr International's metallurgical engineers and corrosion specialists are experts in tracing symptoms of corrosion, metallurgical, and mechanical failures back to their root causes. Analysis include assessments of the failure mechanisms and practical recommendations for preventing recurrence.

InterCorr engineers are also acknowledged authorities on judging the effects of fire damage on equipment serviceability and on analyzing explosion damage. Rapid assessment of the extent of damage can often minimize unit repair costs.

InterCorr provides failure analysis services to a wide range of industries including:
  • Oil and gas production
  • Petrochemical and petroleum refining
  • Offshore structures
  • Aircraft/transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Natural gas and liquid pipelines
  • Heavy equipment
  • Power generation
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Electronics
Investigations range from analysis of shaft failures to fire and explosion assessments. In cases involving liability, InterCorr can provide immediate on-site response to incident investigations to preserve evidence for litigation. InterCorr proprietary SOCRATES and STRATEGY software systems can be utilized to predict the cause of failure and to assess remedial actions such as changes in process conditions of selected alternate materials.

Equipment failure may involve a complex interplay of materials, mechanical and chemical factors. InterCorr carefully evaluates all aspects of the failure from basic metallurgy to service history and/or process parameters. The objective of each investigation is to trace the root cause, and to provide recommendations to prevent recurrence. InterCorr also provides turnkey failure analysis for companies utilizing InterCorr Technical Service Agreement (TSA). This provides for quick response and fixed price analysis for level 1, 2, and 3 investigations.
Failure analysis activities include:
  • On-site incident investigation
  • Analysis of process corrosion
  • Mechanical component evaluation
  • Pipeline leaks and ruptures
  • Storage tanks
  • Third party review
  • Shipping containers and transport
  • Fire and explosion damage assessment
  • Expert witness
  • Preparation for litigation

Field engineers are supported by the research and materials evaluation capabilities of InterCorr laboratory facilities which specializes in the evaluation of metals, polymers, ceramics and coatings. Complete investigations are conducted in confidence, from initial field survey to delivery of final report. InterCorr facilities house the most advanced metallurgical and sophisticated simulated service environment test equipment available. Full scale evaluations of load carrying and pressurized components can be provided.

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