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  Press Release: Houston, Texas July 17, 2003

SmartCET® Technology Hailed Rising Star of Texas

Hailed as one of the Process Industry's brightest prospects, InterCorr International's SmartCET® technology gained deserved recognition recently at the 10th IChemE Annual Awards ceremony held at Alexandra Palace, London on 26 June 2003.  Innovative products from seven countries competed in selected categories, and Houston-based InterCorr stole the show winning the highly prized Haden Freeman Award for Engineering Excellence. According to Nigel Hirst, Managing Director of award sponsor Haden Freeman, "We know the annual IChemE awards to be the best place to meet all the movers and the shakers in chemical engineering.  Engineering excellence is in danger of being overshadowed by engineering for a price. Haden Freeman is passionate about excellence and quality in engineering, and we want to reward others who share the same enthusiasm."

InterCorr is delighted about the recognition that SmartCET is receiving, both in the domestic North American market and internationally.  Commenting on this recent success, CEO of InterCorr, Mr. Lars Jorgensen said, "Receiving this prestigious award is an excellent confirmation to us that SmartCET is the right product for managing a vast array of industrial processes.  We know the difficulties that plant operators face today, trying to run plants harder and be more profitable while also implementing rigorous safety and environmental standards.  SmartCET is a process control 'optimization' tool - it lets the operator see just how far the process can be "pushed" without significantly damaging plant integrity." 

SmartCET is a corrosion evaluation product with a twist - a tool that puts corrosion and process control into the hands of the plant operator and can distinguish between general and localized corrosion, something that conventional monitoring technology simply can not do.  IChemE award judges were impressed by SmartCET's valuable data, ease of implementation and ability to link directly with plant and facilities control systems.  Referred to as "causing a stir among thinking engineers", SmartCET provides operators with real-time information, enabling them to see changes in corrosion behavior and do something about it before significant damage has occurred, not after.  In one particular application, a multi-point SmartCET network, is successfully delivering corrosion information real-time and on-line to operators at a plant owned by BASF Corporation in Freeport, Texas.  The process environment is mostly hydrocarbon with very little water present, a condition where other, more traditional corrosion monitoring techniques would not function.  Commenting on the success of SmartCET technology at the site, BASF has found that the system provides the unexpected benefit of supplying chemical engineers with new information about the chemistry of their processes and its impact on plant integrity, something they did  not have previously.

"SmartCET is truly ground-breaking technology", says Dr Michael Cayard, President of InterCorr.  "InterCorr's business has traditionally focused on providing fast-response, results-oriented consulting solutions to our clients much of which was based on testing in simulated process environments in the laboratory.  Now that we have SmartCET in our portfolio, we are making rapid materials and process assessments directly in the plant too."

SmartCET is available for nearly all industrial processes and field applications including: oil and gas production, petroleum refining, gas processing, gas transmission pipelines, chemical processing, municipal water, and cooling water. It is available for use in hazardous areas, in single- or multi-point configurations, even in remote areas requiring wireless data transmission.  Further information can be obtained from Dawn C Eden, InterCorr International, Inc., Tel: 281 444 2282 ext.31, e-mail:, Website:


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InterCorr International, Inc. is a Houston-based company operating for over 21 years.  Serving over 850 clients in 32 countries worldwide, InterCorr has a pre-eminent reputation for technical expertise in the petroleum, chemical, energy and transportation sectors.  A complete range of services is offered, including materials and corrosion engineering products and services, test systems and corrosion modelling software from which solutions are generated for complex, multi-disciplinary problems such as process troubleshooting and optimization, materials selection, reliability assessment and inspection prioritization.

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