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Version 4.0

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The Predict 4.0 system is a new generation software tool that addresses one of the most significant issues in corrosion evaluation, i.e., assessment and prediction of corrosion rates for steels exposed to corrosive environments.

Predict incorporates comprehensive and accurate corrosion modeling to account for the effects of a number of critical parameters like H2S, CO2, Temperature, Pressure, pH, Chlorides, Acetates, Bicarbonates etc. Computes system pH, Dew Point Temperature, Corrosion Profile, and water condensate for typical oil and gas production environments. [Learn More]

Version 3.0

Demos Available


The PredictPipe 3.0 system addresses the assessment of corrosion rates in dry gas transmission pipeline systems exposed to corrosive environments due to water condensation / accumulation.

It provides comprehensive functionality to automate Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), a novel methodology designed to provide preventive maintenance and protect against costly pipeline failures. It provides the ability to compute water holdup and critical angles for a pipeline system and incorporates comprehensive and accurate corrosion modeling to account for the effects of a number of critical parameters. [Learn More]

Version 8.0

Demos Available

The Socrates 8.0 system is a comprehensive material selection tool for oil and gas applications. The latest release now includes a host of new features.

Material selection for CRAs based on characterization of the environment in terms of Pressure, Temperature, pH, H2S, Chlorides, Elemental Sulfur, aeration, Gas to Oil Ratio and Water to Gas Ratio/water cut and stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen embrittlement cracking (HEC) and sulfide stress cracking (SSC), and resistance to pitting corrosion. [Learn More]

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