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InterCorr software systems are licensed under two license terms:

Annual License,
which is renewable every year and includes free maintenance and support. Special pricing is provided for license renewals to current licensees.

Subscription License, which limits the use of the software to 3 years and includes free maintenance and support for the first year of the license. Annual maintenance can be purchased in the subsequent years to recieve technical support and free upgrades to the latest versions.

Both Annual and Subscription licenses can be procured as:

Single User License: This license allows only one user to use the software at a time and is enforced by a USB License Key. This Key must be attached to the computer when the software is used. We offer bulk licensing discounts for more than 3 single user licenses.

Network (Floating) License: This license is enforced by a USB Key that is attached to a server/computer on your network. The application accesses this key from any client/computer that is connected to the network. This can be designed to allow 1 to 255 simultaneuos users.

Site/Corporate License: This license is a special license that does not enforce the user limit (unlimited users across a corporation). It is provided as either a Network Floating License or as a Software Key Based license that authenticates all the computers that are used to access the software.

Please contact us for information regarding pricing details for such licenses and currently available volume discounts. You may also request pricing information using this form.

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