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Whats New in Version 4.0?
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The Predict 4.0 system represents comprehensive revision of the earlier versions of Predict corrosion prediction software system. Predict 4.0 incorporates a completely revised corrosion prediction module with improved prediction performance as well as accurate pH, corrosion scaling, persistence determination and flow modeling modules. Predict 4.0 includes access to lab data, new tools such as multipoint sensitivity analysis and field insights to give you the most accurate corrosion prediction solutions. Features of the Predict 4.0 system include,

New Features

* An enhanced Multipoint Sensitivity Analysis tool that can be used to analyze the effect of various parameters on the system corrosiivity.
* On the fly access to actual laboratory test data encompassing over 18 flow loop tests and conducted over an eighteen month period for different materials and environments.
* An enhanced flow modeling module with inclined flow modeling that provides key insights into understanding the contribution of typical flow-induced corrosion parameters
* Ability to predict phase behavior of water in the system, Prediction of Dew point, Calculation of amount of water condensed, water content of gas and Predict the presence of liquid water along any point in a pipeline
* Ability to analyze corrosion rates along a linear pipe system. Predict corrosion rates along the pipe and view graphically the system corrosion rates, water condensate presence, over an entire linear system, for both horizontal and vertical flow.
* Ability to account for dew point variations with respect to corrosion rates
* Ability to accurately determine scaling effects due to formation of Iron carbonate and Iron sulfide scales as a function of temperature and pH
* Ability to accurately characterize role of oxygen concentration in corrosive systems
* Improved rules to account for variation of water content in oil and gas wells
* A state-of-the-art pH computation module which accounts for the effects of over 16 different anion and cation species, including organic and inorganic acid components
* Ability to handle different types of hydro-carbons and persistence effects and study effect of Glycol Injection in gas pipelines
* State-of-the-art Windows-XP compatible user-interface for enhanced efficacy and ease of use
* Ability to share data with all Windows-compatible programs and support for ODBC database connectivity
* Ability to import data from MS-Excel into Predict
* Ability to export data and plots to MS-Excel and MS-Word at the click of a button
* Module to generate corrosion profile for an entire pipe length
* Revised report generation module
* Module to convert data from field production report into parameters required for corrosion analysis
Predict 4.0 has been completely re-designed to efficiently utilize the user interface benefits of newer operating systems such as Windows XP. It is strongly recommended that all users with previous versions of Predict (which were not designed for the Windows XP operating platform) upgrade to version 4.0, since the new version provides a host of new features, data, as well as improved corrosion prediction accuracy and system functionality.

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