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Predict 4.0 System
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PredictPipe is the latest addition to the suite of software tools for corrosion prediction and addresses one of the most significant issues in pipeline corrosion evaluation, i.e., assessment of corrosion rates in dry gas transmission pipeline systems exposed to corrosive environments due to water condensation / accumulation. It provides comprehensive functionality to automate Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), a novel methodology designed to provide preventive maintenance and protect against costly pipeline failures. PredictPipe 3.0, a by-product of years of corrosion research and modeling, puts to good use application of state-of-the-art software technology to provide access to a comprehensive knowledge base on corrosion decision-making. It is an easy-to-use graphical tool that integrates the effects of a complex set of environmental parameters to provide a corrosion rate assessment based on extensive literature data, lab testing and field experience.


* PredictPipe performs a rigorous evaluation of corrosive environments and provides assessment of corrosion rates and identifies critical zones in a dry gas pipeline system over moderately hilly terrain. Provides the ability to map pipeline segments and view calculated results and regimes for individual segments and to compute critical angles and predict worst case corrosion rates.
* Ability to assess the availability of liquid water through continuous phase modeling and dew point prediction.
* Ability to compute water holdup and critical angles for a pipeline system Incorporates comprehensive and accurate corrosion modeling to account for the effects of a number of critical parameters.
* Helps in the determination of system pH for typical oil and gas environments.
* Provides decision-making rules for corrosion characterization on the basis of a corrosion model that accounts for the interaction of different critical parameters.
* Ability to accurately model momentum transfer effects (flow regimes, void fractions, pressure drops and shear stresses) en-route to improved corrosion prediction.
* Includes an intuitive, graphical, easy-to-use interface.
* Microsoft® Windows based tool that can run on most common personal computers.
* Easy to use graphical interface makes using the system a simple task.
* Extensive context sensitive on-line help assists the user in understanding the significance of different corrosion evaluation parameters.
* Cost analysis module facilitates comparison of project cost when using different materials.
* Can be easily installed on any stand-alone or network system compatible with Windows NT/Windows-95, 98,2000, XP operating system.
* Can lead to significant reduction in time spent assessing internal corrosion in pipelines and can be a means for obtaining cost-effective automated solutions.
* Access to extensive consulting and development support from InterCorr in using/customizing PredictPipe.

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