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Socrates B System
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Developments in materials technology have led to the use of corrosion resistant alloys for surface and subsurface applications in the oil and gas industry. This technology has revolutionized the industry in terms of utilizing metallurgical solutions to corrosion problems versus conventionally used chemical corrosion inhibitors. Currently, there is a wide range of available alloys to choose from for these applications.

The Socrates-B development effort, spanning over thirty months, has produced a significant software system that aids in making decisions related to evaluation of different CRA materials in non-production environment. It is a sister program of the Socrates™ system for selection of CRAs in production environments. Socrates-B can be used to evaluate CRAs in three types of non-production environments, completion fluids, stimulation acids and injected water. The Socrates-B system assesses the severity of each of these environments to determine applicable CRA materials for service. It also determines a steel corrosion index indicative of the potential corrosion rates in a particular environment.


The earlier versions of SOCRATES B system selected CRAs through material evaluation at five hierarchical levels:

* CRA evaluation based on mechanical strength parameters, heat treatment/cold work and hardness limitations
* Material selection based on characterization of the environment in terms of operating pressure, temperature, pH, H2S, Chlorides, Elemental Sulfur, aeration, Gas to Oil Ratio and Water to Gas Ratio/water cut
* CRA evaluation for stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen embrittlement cracking (HEC) and sulfide stress cracking (SSC)
* CRA evaluation for resistance to pitting corrosion
* Selection of final set of materials based on application related constraints.
The current Windows implementation is more flexible in that the user can use and apply constraints at any specific level without regard to the hierarchy. Socrates comes equipped with a database of about 155 alloys that can be accessed by the user from the Socrates interface. Further, the system comes with a cost analysis module that allows the user to compare costs of utilization of different alloys.
* Microsoft® Windows based tool that can run on most common personal computers.
* Easy to use graphical interface makes using the system a simple task.
* Cost analysis module facilitates comparison of project cost when using different materials.
* Can be easily installed on any stand-alone or network system compatible with Windows/Windows NT/Windows for Work groups/Windows-95, 98,2000, XP operating system.
* Can lead to significant reduction in time spent assessing corrosion and can be a means for obtaining cost-effective automated solutions.

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