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Over the last ten years, the Socrates software system has become the leading material selection tool in the oil and gas industry. The latest upgrade, Socrates 8.0, has been completely updated with a host of new features, functionality and interface. This comprehensive revision brings the power of the state-of-the-art in corrosion/materials technology and computing to global users of Socrates systems.


Features of the Socrates 8.0 system include,

* System reasoning updated to reflect current industry guidelines (NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 guidelines for sour service) Visit for more information
* Updated rules and data on over 160 corrosion resistant materials, gleaned from latest corrosion literature, extensive lab tests and real field experience and the ability to add more
* Dynamically compare pitting resistances of different CRA materials using Comparative Analysis
* Six hierarchical levels employed for accurate, efficient and easy material selection
* New, expanded pH determination module that provides comprehensive pH analyses and determination of ionic strength based on all anions and cations
* Ability to obtain safe utilization limits (obtained from a comprehensive joint industry project containing over 2000 data points, Safe Use Limits) for stainless steels on the fly and access to comprehensive test data on autoclave exposure, critical pitting temperature (CPT) and slow strain rate (SSR) test data.
* New data for CRA selection, including current lab and literature data for evaluation of commonly used materials such as martensitic stainless steels (13 Cr, Super 13 Cr), Precipitation hardened stainless steels (17-4 PH) and Duplex Stainless Steels.
* New, on-line literature database with summaries and data from over eighty five relevant papers to facilitate quick access to published data for different materials in Socrates
* Improved user interface with new features (ability to export Socrates data to MS-Excel and MS-Word).
* New, comprehensive Ionic Strength and pH prediction module
* A completely re-designed hyper text help system with instant access to data and rules
* Updated Cost Module, which provides the ability to store your cost consultation cases in a Database using ODBC.
* Enhanced Windows-XP compatible user interface
* Ability to generate report and graphs in MS-Excel and MS-Word at the click of a button
* Extensive context sensitive on-line help assists the user in understanding the significance of different material selection parameters.
* Complete backward compatibility with consultations created with earlier versions of Socrates
* Cost analysis module facilitates comparison of project cost when using different materials.

Socrates 8.0 has been completely re-designed to provide access to the most accurate and current material selection technology in tandem with a superior user experience. Now, you can use Socrates on any Microsoft compatible platform (XP, 2000, NT, 98) or network. It is strongly recommended that all users with previous versions of Socrates upgrade to version 8.0, since the new version provides a host of new features, data, as well as improved material selection and overall system functionality.

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