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The new Alloys Database now has over 155 CRA's, with new alloys being updated at regular intervals.

Ferritic Stainless Steels Martensitic Stainless Steels Duplex Stainless Steels
UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name
S40900 409 S50400 9CR-1MO-1 S31500 3RE60
S40500 405 K90941 9CR-1MO-2 S32900 329
S42900 429 J91150 CA-15 S32404 URANUS-50
S43000 430 S41000 410 S31200 44LN
S44200 442 J91151 CA-15M S31803 2205-22-Cr
S43400 434 S42000 420 S32550 Ferralium-255
S43600 436 J91540 CA-6NM S31260 DP-3-25-Cr
S44600 446 S42400 F6NM-1
S44400 18-2 S41500 F6NM-2
S44626 26-1-Ti
S44627 26-1-Cb
S44660 SC-1
S44635 26-4-4
S44700 29-4
S44800 29-4-2
S44735 29-4C

Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel Conventional Austenitic Stainless Steel High Alloy Austenitic Stainless Steel
UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name
S45500 Custom-455 S30200 302 N08020 20-CB-3
S36200 ALMAR-362 J92500 CF-3 N08904 904L
S15500 15-5PH S32100 321 N08024 20MO-4
S17600 STAINLESS-W S31600 316 N08028 ALLOY-28
S17400 17-4-PH S34700 347 N31254 254-SMO
S45000 CUSTOM-450 S38100 18-18-2 N08367 ALLOY-6XN
S17700 17-7-PH S30500 305
S66286 ALLOY-A286 S30400 304
S13800 PH-13-8-MO S30403 304L
S15700 PH-15-7-MO J92600 CF-8
S35500 AM-355 S30800 308
S30900 309
J92800 CF-8
S31000 310
J92900 CF-8M
S31603 316L
S20910 22-13-5

Solid Solution Nickel Alloys Precipitation Hardened Nickel Alloys Cobalt Base Alloys
UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name
N08825 ALLOY-825 N07750 ALLOY-X-750 R30260 ALLOY-2602
N06975 ALLOY-2550 N07031 ALLOY-31 R30155 N-155
N06985 ALLOY-G-3 N09925 ALLOY-925 R30031 STELLITE-31
N06007 ALLOY-G N07718 ALLOY-718 R30006 STELLITE-6
N06625 ALLOY-625 N07716 625-PLUS R30003 ELGILOY
N06110 ALLCORR N07725 ALLOY-725 R30188 ALLOY-188
N06455 ALLOY-C-4 N06625 ALLOY-625 R30605 ALLOY-L-605
N06022 ALLOY-C-22 R30159 MP159
N10276 ALLOY-C-276 R30035 MP35N
N10002 ALLOY-C
N06975 ALLOY-G-2
N06030 ALLOY-G-30

Zirconium Alloys Titanium Alloys Nickel Copper Alloys
UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name UNS No. Common Name
R60702 Zr-702 R50400 TI-GRADE2 N04400 MONEL-400
R60704 Zr-704 R53400 TI-GRADE12 N04405 MONEL-R405
R60705 Zr-705 R58640 TI-6246 N05500 MONEL-K500
R56401 TI-6Al-4V


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