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Socrates provides a dynamic link to a mdb file that contains the composition of over 160 alloys evaluated in the system. Socrates will allow the user to view material composition by simply double clicking on any UNS number. The user can also add or delete any material to the database simply by clicking on the toolbar icon for alloys. The figure below shows the alloy database edit/modification box. The user can edit, add or delete any material to the database from the options on the interface.

Screen Shot

Socrates DB Edit

Socrates Help

Help in Socrates, shown below consists of descriptions of different parameters and their significance to the material evaluation process. Help can be accessed through the Index option on the Help Menu and by choosing any of the different help modules specified in the Figure.

The Index option in the Help menu provides access to extensive help about the different material and environmental parameters. The user will get into a help window that details information about all the different parameters in the Socrates system.

Socrates Help

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