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Socrates 8.0 Interface
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The Socrates 8.0 expert system is developed as a stand-alone Microsoft Windows application. The Socrates interface, shown below, will allow the user to perform different types of consultations that include
* Material selection
* Steel Evaluation
* Evaluate Welding
* Printing Reports and Exporting Consultation Results to MS Word or MS Excel

Socrates Screenshot


A typical Socrates consultation and the intuitive interface that facilitates consultations is described here. There is a single view of the program incorporating elements of a typical Windows graphical interface from which the user accesses all system functionality. A system consultation can begin by specifying data relevant to:

* Application and Mechanical Requirements
* Environmental Data to characterize general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and localized corrosion

Based on the Data specified for the different parameters, the system will display folders of different material classes that are applicable for the current set of conditions.

Socrates interface incorporates many graphical tools to conveniently access different types of functionality in Socrates.The Toolbar smart Icons allow the user to access different functionality of the menus through the icons. Just clicking on the icons will start a specific process otherwise available through the menus. The Toolbar icons and their functions are shown below:

Socrates Toolbar
* The New File command allows the user to start a new Socrates consultation. The user can simultaneously conduct up to nine (9) consultations.
* The Open File command allows the user to open other stored consultations of Socrates. The default extension for stored Socrates files is .soc. Opening a file will open all the environment and application data
* The Save File command saves the current consultation to a file name provided by the user. It also saves the current material and environment configurations as well as the different severity ratings.
* The Print File command will print a customized consultation report. The system will confirm print settings prior to sending the output file to the printer.
* The Copy command copies the data from the dialog box on to a clipboard which can be accessed later.
* The Excel button provides a direct interface to MS Excel, and all the data can be directly transferred to an MS Excel spreadsheet by the click of a button. It is necessary to have Microsoft Excel (Version 8 or higher, Office 97) installed on the machine for this feature to work.
* The Word button provides a similar direct interface to MS Word, and all the data can be similarly transferred to an MS Word by the click of a button. It is necessary to have Microsoft Word (Version 8 or higher, Office 97) installed on the machine for this feature to work.
* The Units command toggles units between SI and English. The program automatically converts the values for each of the displayed parameters to appropriate units.
* The Convert utility provides the convenience to convert field data to units and form as required by Socrates.
* The Comp button generates a Comparative view dialog with the CRAs next to one another for easier comparison and analysis. It also plots a bar graph evaluating upto 5 CRAs with respect to the required minimum pitting index.
* The CostDb button implements the ODBC link to the Cost Database, using which the user can generate a new module or work on old cost module cases completely independent of the consultation.
* The Alloys command displays the alloys database Socrates program. This should be used with extreme caution as any changes made to the materials can affect the results obtained from Socrates drastically.
* The Steel command shows the Steel Evaluation dialog box for additional information to estimate the overall severity of the environment.
* The SUL button launches the program Safe Use Limits, an independent entity that provides immediate access to experimental data and safe use limits of various Steels.
* The Help button displays the Socrates Help program, it can also be launched by using F1 to display context sensitive help. The Socrates Help provides detailed information about the reasoning and the interface and has how to guides for the beginners.

The Table command launches the Help System with the periodic table. This periodic table serves as an excellent tool to know more about the various elements and their applications and properties.

* The Read Me button displays the disclaimer.
These functions can also be activated by accessing the corresponding commands on the File Menu. Sample output from Socrates consultation report is shown in Appendix III.

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