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Strategy provides a dynamic link to Microsoft® AccessTM tables to facilitate saving and accessing each of the data group elements independently either for deletion, modification or storage purposes. This is achieved through commands linked to the Database pull-down menu or the database toolbar icon. Each of the options, i.e., Environment, Material and Crack Growth Data are linked to a database manager module and the database dialog is shown in the figure below. Right clicking on any of the data identifiers displays another set of menus as shown in the figure below. Rename renames the data identifier with the specified name. Delete allows deletion of data associated with the selected data identifier. Show Data displays data associated with the data identifier. Print Data prints data associated with the data identifier to the default printer. This option can also be accessed from the data display screen.

    Stategy-B Edit Databse

The Strategy-B Help screen is shown in figure below. Help in Strategy consists of descriptions of different parameters and their significance to the material evaluation process. Help can be accessed through the Contents option under the Help Menu and by choosing any of the different help modules specified in the figure. Strategy-A also provides context sensitive help, i.e., one can place the cursor in dew point data input box and press F1 on the keyboard to get help related to dew point. Strategy-A help also provides help with using the program and the various features of the user interface.

Stategy-B Help System

The Search for Help On... option under the Help menu provides access to extensive help about the different material and environmental parameters. The user will get into a help window that can be used to search for various keywords and details information about all the different parameters in the Strategy system.

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