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Smart Software for Selection of Steels for Sour Pipeline Service

The Strategy-A system is a Microsoft® Windows®-based smart software tool that provides the end-user with significant benefits in selection and evaluation of steels, that include:
* Access to a comprehensive knowledge base containing information about carbon steels and requirements for HIC/SOHIC and SSC resistant behavior
* Accurate characterization of pipeline environments on the basis of environmental severity
* Evaluation of materials on the basis of metallurgical, mechanical and microstructural parameters
* Evaluation of crack growth potential in pipelines as a function of crack morphology and other relevant crack-growth related parameters
* Decision-making capabilities about evaluation of steels and inspection of pipelines utilizing data and rules from field experience, laboratory research, literature and domain expertise
* Perform risk assessment and obtain a quantitative basis for pipeline inspection based on risk
* Ability to store and retrieve data about materials, environments and crack-growth through a Microsoft® AccessTM database embedded in the Strategy system

The Strategy-A system comes equipped with several useful and novel user-interface modules, such as,
* A Database Manager to independently access and modify system databases
* A Report Module to generate reports in Microsoft® Word
* A unique Units' Module that does not restrict users to any one system of units
* A Data Analyzer Module to evaluate and analyze all materials' data with one environment and vice versa
* A comment module to append user comments to system generated reports
* A rule-base to compute and display system pH

Application of the Strategy-A system results in significant cost and time savings and provides end users the following benefits:
* Increased accuracy and reduced response time for decisions involving sour pipeline operations' materials selection and reliability assessment
* A significant reduction in the time spent by materials specialists in dealing with routine questions from operations personnel
* More uniform and effective decision making from operations personnel without materials background
* Reduced training time for new professionals entering the area
* A tool to support rigorous materials evaluation of refinery steels and understanding different aspects of wet H2S cracking