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GeneraTM is a framework to generate computer-based representations of problems and solutions. It can be used to characterize and represent any application related to the area of Materials and Corrosion such as material selection, corrosion assessment, failure analysis etc. The software allows the user to define different parameters that are important to a specific application and based on such specifications the user can create a computer tool to assist in the decision making process.

The idea is to use technical expertise and engineering data to provide a framework that can be applied to creating a generic problem-solving tool related to the area of expertise. Engineering solutions involve analysis of existing data and an understanding of the importance of related variables. Genera assists in representing such an understanding in a computer-based framework. The program utilizes trends and relative importance of different variables to capture the cumulative effect of interacting parameters in a system.

* It is a generic problem solving framework that can be used to characterize and automate problem-solving in different Materials and Corrosion application areas
* Genera can be used to create characteristic computer applications, by engineers and scientists without a background in computing but with the decision making knowledge
* Genera supports data sharing between different applications and makes creation of computer-based problem solving tools efficient and simple
* Genera is equipped with a graphical interface that is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.


* Microsoft® Windows based tool that can run on most common personal computers
* Easy-to-use graphical interface makes using the system a simple task
* Can be easily installed on any stand-alone or network system compatible with Windows/Windows NT/Windows for Work groups/Windows-95, 98 operating system
* Can reduce the time required for the development of related applications, by data sharing. Access to extensive consulting and development support from InterCorr in using GENERA

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